Gwadar Master Plan 2019 Approved by CPEC

gwadar master plan 2019 map

Included in This China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and by extension, the Silk Route Initiative, Gwadar holds Critical Significance. The port town of Gwadar development authority is a hub of connectivity to the Corridor, and also an essential interchange for the Silk Route. Throughout its deep-sea interface, Gwadar has assisted China and Pakistan realize the objective of a 21st Century Maritime Silk Route, which will benefit not just China and Pakistan, but also Central Asia by getting the area’s key entrepot.

Gwadar master plan news, However, the aim of Pak-china Economic corridor, not to restrict Gwadar to connecting ports only, but enriches it as an economic hub which may cater to the local people by enhancing their livelihoods. The smart port city is at incapacitating Baluchistan to it’s full economic, technical, social, and energy possible, and faithfully integrating it over the financial frame of Pakistan and China.

As many analysts stated that the Gwadar master plan is the main reason investors are paying this greater focus to Pakistan from all over the world. In a recent report, the port city is set to become the base-camp for its biggest trade course in the region.

Presently, projects worth billions of USDs are penalized in Gwadar. Unsurprisingly, many Nations have queued-up to claim their share.

Gwadar New Master Plan 2019 Details According to GDA Workshop:

Gwadar Smart City Evaluation Indicator System Framework

Recently on July 25th, 2019 that a Workshop from the title Smart Port City Gwadar Master Plan was run by Gwadar Development Authority. Amount of concerned Government officials, overseas delegates and private builders participated in this workshop. Gwadar New Master Plan 2019 Details were shown in this workshop. Here are a few of the important points that were presented.

Gwadar Development Planning

It has been decided that Gwadar will be created with much diversity. To achieve that, very diverse industries will be installed in Gwadar that can create an economic and social environment demanding diverse development. A lot of the development in Gwadar town will follow the flow and momentum brought on by industrial activities in the region. New Gwadar master plan program 2019 was created very meticulously and different areas for different types of actions have always been decided. Gwadar development will be divided into three phases.

Phase 1 that is short term is up Till 2025, Phase 2 is moderate-term will continue next 10 years and ends in 2035 and Phase 3 which is long term planning will finish in 2050 and beyond. All basic Infrastructure of Gwadar city for example roads community, Government and private Buildings, recreational facilities and a few of the sectors will be completed before 2025. CPEC route and Gwadar International Airport will also be completely Developed and operational before 2025.

Social Economic Planning of Gwadar 

Gwadar New Master’s program is not just about the way Gwadar land will be utilized. It is a whole lot more than that. Social Economic planning of Gwadar is critical along with infrastructural development. To achieve the prosperity of Gwadar’s people, the Government will begin by focusing on areas including Education, Health, Employment, Food, and Water Supply, Recreational Facilities and much more.

To strengthen the social Economic growth distinct businesses will likely be installed hiring individuals not just from all over the country but also providing opportunities to locals and foreigners through education and training.

The government is focused on producing Minimal 9000 to 12000 occupations from the Government sector in Stage 1. The private sector will create jobs in several folds as industrial and business activities will be Light and heavy Industries will be usable in Gwadar before 2025. These businesses include Oil and gas, Shipbreaking, Fisheries, Oil refineries, and recreational facilities.




Gwadar Land Usage

Gwadar’s new master plan doesn’t cover the entire Gwadar and developed is divided into 3 phases. Gwadar’s new master Plan is only for Stage 1 and also covers around 30% of the Gwadar land. Overall land Usage according to the Gwadar New Master program is 352 Square Kilometers. More than 800 Square Kilometers of property is unused or reserved land for future activities and will be utilized in the following stages. In Gwadar brand new master program, all areas have been categorized and defined very precisely.

Smart Port City Master Plan (GSPMPP) to Convert Gwadar into Golden Town:

gwadar smart city standard framework

Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan Project (GSPMPP) can help improve economic growth, Promote socio-economic actions at the district level and also change the Gwadar to a booming city.

The Job will Show the Energy generation potential, Invent reasonable development Plans, push forward Functional industrial Strategies, Enhance the Company environment, attract foreign investments and Set Businesses, and Supply opportunities to Gwadar Economic Growth.

According to a document shared with the Chinese embassy here. The job will incorporate the sea vent with businesses to represent a collaborative town improvement to get the total evolution of the area.

The master program project will help improve the social environment and safety requirement and earn Gwadar a harmonious town, besides devising suitable social safety policies; promoting the healthy development of the local community,” it said.

The project will aid in improving the environment, also make it a sound city. From the master’s program, environmental security will be emphasized, particularly for the coastal regions where green technology will be implemented actively for municipal growth and constructing a better environmental environment.

The Integrated Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan Report:

Lessons in the accomplishments of global standardization, but also closely integrate with the genuine urban improvement demands, in order to make sure that the criteria can be really implemented with positive consequences.

Drawing on the expertise of global pioneer clever cities and mixing together with building demands of Gwadar Smart City, this report suggests a suggestive “Gwadar Smart City Standard System Framework” with reference. The frame contains 5 classes and 20 fields (as displayed in the figure below), such as overall conventional, infrastructure, metropolitan governance, environmental livability, and warranty. The overall standard is that the overall and frame standards of different criteria and all sorts of criteria should satisfy the demands of the overall standard.

Gwadar Smart City Evaluation System Framework :

Smart City Assessment System Framework (hereinafter known as “Assessment System”) is 1 element of this “General Standard” from the wise city conventional system. Promotion of this evaluation system structure can make the people and ventures feel the advantages brought on by building the wise town, promote the society to take part in building the wise city, accelerate and enhance the development and construction level of the wise city.

Drawing on the expertise of global pioneer clever cities and mixing together with building demands of Gwadar Smart City, this report suggests a suggestive “Gwadar Smart City Assessment Indicator System Framework” with reference (as shown in the figure below). The frame chiefly includes 4 types of signs, 8 first-level indicators, and 17 second-level indicators.

Location: Gwadar is located on the Beaches of the Arabian Sea from the western province of Baluchistan. It’s roughly 533 kilometers from Karachi and 120 kilometers from the Iranian border. Gwadar Port is situated in the mouth of the Persian Gulf, just outside the Straits of Hormuz, close to the Essential shipping routes in and from the Persian Gulf.


Planning Area: The Planning Standards can differ in each individual scheme determined by the residential density needed to be accomplished by the host of this strategy. However, the land usage percent supply must stay within the following constraints.

Gwadar New Master planning area

N.O.C. Distribution: NOC of advancement means demolishing the present home, store or another construction to rebuilt according to the applicable legislation of associated land-use classification of fresh locations. It will meet all prerequisites, i.e. FAR and other open space/ construction bye-laws to keep modern planning criteria.

Land Use Gwadar Master plan


Land-use of Gwadar Master Plan(2004): Gwadar Master Plan was prepared by NEWSPEAK in 2002 and Accepted by the Government of Baluchistan in 2003. Final approval was given by the President of Pakistan in 2004 with some alterations. On the management of PM, the Gwadar Master Plan is Being assessed to create Gwadar as a Smart Port City.

Land Use Gwadar Master plan




Urban Planning and Layout 

To update Gwadar and to make it an international standard town before 2025, and the idea of Gwadar Down Town is going to be used. Gwadar Down Town relies on 13 Sq. Km area. An Idea of away Shore development just like in The Palm Jumeirah of Dubai will be followed. Gwadar Down Town will probably be used as the central business district of Gwadar and amuse People in residential, recreational and commercial areas.

Renovation and Urbanization of Gwadar Old City 

Gwadar’s new master plan 2019 additionally provides the solution to quite a sensitive dilemma of Gwadar’s local community. The Old City area will be renovated to decorate it and to match it with contemporary Standards. Nothing will be demolished but renovated and upgraded.


Pakistan’s port city, Gwadar, is a vital part of the multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which aims to increase regional trade and development. Nadir Baloch, the coordinator of the Gwadar Master Plan. Baloch, who has been working on the project for a few years now, admits that previously there were many hiccups that slowed down the pace of work. These included a lack of understanding between Pakistani and Chinese officials and the different bureaucratic styles in the two countries. No doubt, the Gwadar Port presents Pakistan with an opportunity to capitalize on the Sino-Pak friendship while gaining strategic leverage in its dealings with India and the US. It needs to integrate the alienated Baluchistan by offering them a stake in Pakistan’s economy, whereby they could only benefit from the development that Gwadar will bring to the region.