Guidelines for SocioOn Ambassadors

Guidelines for SocioOn Ambassadors

SocioOn has appointed several Ambassadors who are working freelance to help new users and they must follow the necessary guidelines put forth by SocioOn.

Misguiding New Users:

Ambassadors must not misguide any other users for their personal or financial benefit. SocioOn keeps the record of all the actions performed by users and if any Ambassador found guilty of doing such activity then it will lead to a permanent block of account without any prior notice.

Sharing of Login Credentials of Account and Wallet:

The login credentials of a user’s account and wallet pincode must not be shared with anyone and SocioOn does not allows any Ambassador to ask for the confidential information like Email ID, account password, Wallet PinCode, phone number and WhatsApp number.

Asking for personal information:

Any Ambassador must not ask for personal information of any other user like CNIC number, Family Name, Address etc. SocioOn advises all of it users to keep their personal information with themselves and not share with anyone.

Suspicious Activities:

If any Ambassador is caught doing any suspicious activity on SocioOn like using Bots, scripts and other suspicious activities will be penalized according to policy.

Be respectful to everyone:

Ambassadors are advised to be respectful to everyone and interact in a professional & helping manner.


None of the ambassadors is allowed to blackmail anyone, SocioOn keeps check on the activities going around on the platform and any malicious activity will not be tolerated.

Sharing of Explicit Content:

Ambassadors must not be involved in the sharing of any explicit content, nudity or any sexual content on SocioOn.

Sharing of Impression:

Any users must not be involved in any impression for impression activity that means exchanging activities like “a like for a like”, “a cup of coffee for cup of coffee”, “a great job for a great job” and any other activities that will lead to illegitimate financial benefits.

These above conditions must be observed by all ambassadors and users at all times on SocioOn. If anyone caught in the prohibited activities then there will be no room for any appeal and the account of such users will be terminated on immediate basis. Alongwith this the amount in the wallet of user will terminated as well and no pay out will be given.

Note: SocioOn will not be responsible in case any Ambassador harms/misguides or performs any illegal activity with any user, Ambassadors are working as a freelancer on their own will and SocioOn is not liable to their actions.

These policies are implemented to make sure that SocioOn stays a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

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