Thanks To A Second Data Leak, Google+ Will Shut Down Faster Than Expected

google+ shutdown

second data leak, Google+ will shut down faster than expected

Google announced he has a second vulnerability in Google+. As a result, the Google+ shut down has been postponed until August 2019, April 2019.

The new vulnerability was found in a software update introduced in November and concerned with a Google+ API. The vulnerability could be exposed to profile information such as names, email addresses, occupation and age to the developers.

The bug affects about 52.5 million users and may even expose the above profile information even if you set the information to non-public. Apps could also access the above profile information that was shared with another user but was not publicly shared.

Google Plus was one of Google’s most ambitious social network projects. It’s also one of the Google epic failures. It had over 500 million active users in one place, Some Google’s best apps.

Google said it has the bug as part of the “Standard and Ongoing Testing” and repairs it within a week of your discovery. Google also said its systems were not compromised and they had no evidence that developers with profile access to information that either consciously or abused it.

Regardless, Google is informing affected users and enterprise customers. The company also said it will shut down API access to Google+ within the next 90 days.

A similar vulnerability led Google’s death in the first place. Be exposed in October but before in March, the vulnerability exposed private user data to the developers for three years. Google said no developer was aware of the error or misuse of the affected Google+ API.

Google unveiled the question immediately by “fearing that doing so would drag regulatory control and cause reputation damage.” Fortunately, Google did not wait eight months to disclose the Google + second vulnerability.