Dr. Rubeena Zakir- Transforming the Healthcare of Pakistan

Dr. Rubeena Zakir

Hailing from Karachi, Dr. Rubeena Zakir is an honored graduate for Sindh University in medicine. Throughout her studies, she has been keen towards the advancements in healthcare and the innovations in medicine. Our country is prone to many major issues in the healthcare system and much needs to be done to develop a healthy society. Our children are exposed to many harmful diseases daily and we have to take preventive measure round the clock to ensure their well-being and safety.

After completing MBBS, Dr. Rubeena Zakir associated herself with Contech International Research Organization along with her house job in gynae. Her research work was focused on child and maternal health that opened many horizons for her in terms of innovation and research. She got married to Dr. Zakaria Zakir and then moved to Lahore and pursued her career in gynecology at the Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore. On Dr. Zakaria’s posting in America, she joined Stony Brook Hospital and her work at this facility made her realize the importance of preventive medicine rather than the conventional curative medicine practice. She also did her masters in population and sciences from the USA and after that, she moved to Germany with her family. She achieved her doctorate degree from Bielefeld University Germany in Public Health.

Achievement of her Doctorate in Public Health developed a certain urge in Rubeena to take practical measures in the health care system of Pakistan and her work in this domain is very much recognized. One of her remarkable achievements is the establishment of the Department of Public Health Sciences, she is the founding member of this department and the major focus is to exercise preventive medicine in healthcare professionals.

Preventive medicine is the new and modern way in healthcare as it is clearly known that to prevent a disease is much easier than to cure it, so most healthcare professionals now advocate this practice and are maximizing the exposure of this technique so that it can be implemented publicly and the work of Dr. Rubeena Zakir is widely appreciated in this cause. Over the course of time, she has published many research papers which reflect the high level of expertise and experience she has captured. She states that she is a social scientist with more than 50 publications in high-rank JCRS.

Rubeena believes that our youth has immense potential but their capabilities are not being used in the right direction, this needs to be taken care of at the earliest. Our educational system lacks many things due to which the grooming of youth which is the future of tomorrow is not being done up to the mark. She believes that the maximum part of our budget goes towards security purposes of the country and a bare minimum is spent on the healthcare system. This needs to be addressed and managed at maximum priority so that we can develop a healthy community.

Moreover, she feels fortunate enough to have a supporting husband who is a strong believer of gender equality and always supported her work. Due to her untiring efforts, we can surely expect great life-changing innovations in the healthcare system of Pakistan and soon we would understand that importance of preventive medicine rather than curative medicine. We would be educated enough on how to prevent a certain disease and we would be able to thank noble people like Dr. Rubeena Zakria on their utmost struggles.