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Big Bird “Eat well, Live well”

When we think about healthy, delicious and ready to cook chicken, the name “Big Bird” immediately pops in our minds. It is said that, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so when concerns over healthy chicken started to arise and the need of a source of chicken that people can trust started to pick momentum, big minds sat together and a business idea came into existence by the name of “Big Bird”.

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It was carried out by Mr. Abdul Basit, the Chairman, along with Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, a Veterinarian & Nutritionist, and Dr. Abdul Kareem, a Veterinarian & Nutritionist. Initially, it started from a small breeder farm which became the foundation of what Big Bird is today.

One of the factors for the huge success of Big Bird is that its business owners who initially started this business were professional owners as well who had good command over the poultry business so they carried out the operations of this business with great passion, enthusiasm, vehemence, and fervor in order to convert their dreams into reality.

Vision and Mission

Big Bird believes that health is utmost important and no compromise should be made when it comes to it, so Big Bird wants its consumers to have healthy chicken because their chicken is hygienic as well as cost-effective. They use state of the art machinery and cutting-edge technology using the integrated poultry production facilities to deliver the finest chicken to the consumers so that no compromise can be made on quality.

Core values

The core values of Big Bird revolve around quality, trust, integrity, teamwork, care, respect, discipline and competence. Big Bird has captured a huge chunk of the market by acting upon these core values and implementing them in their daily operations.


Big Bird’s product range includes,

  • Processed chicken
  • Ready to cook
  • Fully cooked

Some of the products include wings, chicken pops, burger patties, gola kebab, fillet, skinless whole chicken, jalapeno, minced meat, tenders, samosas, nuggets etc.

Safe and controlled environment

The health and safety of chicks is given utmost importance at the poultry farms. They are raised through a proper and balanced diet and are kept in an environment that is strictly controlled in regards to their health so that tasty and healthy chicken products can be made. Newest and modern air chilled technology is used to process the chicken so that Halal and premium quality chicken products can be prepared.

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