Asad Umar

Asad Umar Finance Minister of Pakistan

Asad Umar

Asad Umar (Finance Minister) he born in 1961 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, He is currently one of the most prominent leaders of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. Asad Umar is listed in SocioON as to Top 100 Politicians in Pakistan.

His father was an Army officer and also his family has a long history of military career. He is the youngest brother among 7 siblings. Umar graduated as an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration Karachi in 1984.

Although he is a legendary political figure, he is equally well-known and respected because of his role and contribution in Pakistan’s corporate sector.
Asad Umar’s 27-year career at Engro began in 1985, when the company was still a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil, the global oil giant. He joined the company as a business analyst, and was working for it abroad in Canada when the renowned management buyout of Engro took place in 1991.

He came back to Pakistan and in 1997 was appointed the first CEO of Engro Polymer & Chemicals, the group’s petrochemical arm. Later, he was elected as the President and CEO of Engro Corporation in January 2004 after which he transformed the business from a mere chemical company to a giant corporation.

Top 100 Politicians in Pakistan

On March 8 2009, Mr. Asad Umar received the Marketing Association of Pakistan MAP Award of Excellence for 2009, in recognition of his contributions to the field of Marketing & Management and his positive role in Pakistan’s economy.

He was awarded Sitara I Imtiaz, by the Government of Pakistan for his public service in 2010 for his public service and engagement in promoting the cause of Pakistan through investments, social service and more.

Asad Umar can easily be counted among the most popular and well-known figures in the country. However, when asked what he has to say about it, he simply credits luck to be the most important factor of his vast success.

Apart from fate, he believes one really needs to find something they are enthusiastic about so they can find the drive to work hard, after that is done, he believes that one needs to evaluate to see if they are good at what they have chosen to work for this, he says, is where his luck counted the most.

Why did Asad Umar leave the corporate world to join Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf

Asad Umar sensed that there was space to create a positive impression in trying to make a difference in Pakistan by participating in mainstream politics by joining PTI in 2012. He was made Central Senior Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf the same year.

Asad Umar believes that ultimate change in the system can only come through elected representatives in the National Assembly.

This is because the right people come up with and implement precise policies, contributing to every individual’s rights being protected and therefore contributing to a society based on justice and equality. At PTI, he is part of committee to work on a draft paper to suggest economic reforms to take Pakistan out of current financial disaster.


  1. Pakistan business council
  2. Pakistan energy and chemical skill development company
  3. All Engro subsidiaries
  1. State Bank of Pakistan
  2. Karachi Stock Exchange
  3. Oil & Gas Development Company (OGDC)
  4. Pakistan State Oil (PSO)
  5. Port Qasim Authority
  6. Genco holding Company
  7. Dawood Hercules
  8. Karachi School for Business & leadership (KSBL)
  9. Pakistan Center for Philanthropy
  10. Director Pakistan Dairy Development Company
  1. Member Prime Minister Committee on Agriculture
  2. Member Sindh Information Technology board
  3. Member Sindh Endowment Fund for preservation of physical heritage in Sindh
  4. Chapter Chair Young Presidents Organization Pakistan Chapter
  5. Member Board of trustees LUMS
  6. Member staff & faculty selection committee IBA Karachi

Asad Umar has won the General Elections of 2018 from NA 54 Islamabad by securing 56945 votes. His contestant Anjum Aqeel who is the member of Pakistan Muslim League secured 32991 votes and remained at the second position, while the third position was collected by an Independent candidate.