Alexa Report – socioON(Thd) has Broken All the Records of Facebook in 2017

SocioON VS Facebook

SocioON VS Facebook Comparison 2017

This article “SocioON VS Facebook Comparison 2017″is based on the true analysis of socioON and Facebook traffic, page views, and bounce rate.

Let’s start “SocioON VS Facebook Comparison 2017” in

income ON, Technology for Human Development (THD)has left behind the Facebook in terms of Rate Of Daily Users Sign up and the Total Time Spent/User On Website in 2017.

The intellectuals are of the viewpoint that socio On is advancing fast and at the end of 2017, there may be a definite increment of 8 to10 million more users.

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socioON (THD) VS Facebook Comparison in 2017 – Alexa Report

incomeon vs facebook comparison

By the above Alexa Site metrics, it is a proof that socioON is the most attractive and the most appealing Social Media in the world.
It’s all because of the following reasons,

Reasons Behind the Success Story of income ON (THD)

  1. You not only use social media but make money on likes, comments, shares, feeding and by great job etc.
  2. You can do business over here by attracting the social users towards your online income ON shop directly
  3. Attractive and beautiful design that has compelled the users to stay on for a long time.
  4. An online business solution to small as well as gigantic business to grow up.
  5. An excellent marketing tool that attracts the users immediately.
  6. Cheap classified rates to market your stuff national or internationally
  7. 100% real users, because of its strongest verification method nationally and internationally.
  8. Strict policies over:
  • Nude or sexual material or Porn websites links
  • Irrelevant and hatred posts
  • Hatful Speech posts
  • Invalid, False, Copy paste, Abusive and Irrelevant commenting like 123786, abxefz etc.
  1. Respect for All Religions:

One of the greatest achievement accomplished so far for income ON is its great and equal respect for the world’s all religion. No one is allowed to post anything against another’s religion. Because it’s a platform for the resonance of all the religions.

  1. The “Income ON” is spending more than 80% of its revenue on the welfare of its users/ people/community by giving them incentives on their posts like Great Job award, Post Advert Revenue or in shape of donation received and in many other ways.

Besides the above, there are thousands of reasons to use and stay on socioON. Just I want to say that socioON is a great website which not only allows you to engage socially but an earning platform for those who do not have a job, are disabled, old age, or teenagers like students, and for those also who are even job holders.
Let’s use socioON for the welfare of humanity cause.


You can download socioON apps

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