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The name Al Fatah holds a very prominent position in the commerce and retail world. Al-Fatah stands proud and has been providing a range of products to the consumers since 1941. It has played a vital role in the retail industry and played a very vital role in the selling dynamics.

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Customer relationship

Al-Fatah has built up such a strong relationship with its customer base that it has even restored and strengthened its relationship with new generations of their customers as well. Al-Fatah treats its customers with utmost sincerity and earnestness because they believe that a customer is the true stake holder who becomes the strength of a company and encourages them to serve the society in a better way.

Al-Fatah believes that the major reason for their great success is their commitment and dedication in combining the best of three great worlds together i.e. the world of Quality, Variety and Customer Service.


Al-Fatah firmly believes that no compromise on quality shall be made and it only sells the finest of the products in order to maintain their brand image. Al-Fatah claims that they believe in the best, therefore, they only serve the best. They try to keep the prices to the minimum but maintain the quality of the products as well. They only work with the best and trustworthy suppliers so that only the best can be displayed.


In this world and age only the standard of quality does not set you apart from the competitors, the world is progressing very fast and due to the advancements in technology it is important to have a vast variety of products at your disposal so that various needs and requirements of the customers can be met and fulfilled without any hassle and so that they can have everything under one roof.

Customer service

Al-Fatah has unparalleled customer care service through which it makes sure to satisfy the customers to the best of its extent. The customer contentment is given supreme importance be it before purchase or after sales service, Al-Fatah with its well-known customer service will always be there for its customers’ convenience.


Al-Fatah has a total of 10 stores in Lahore, 1 in Islamabad and 1 in Faisalabad. In the near future Al-Fatah has plans to expand its stores not only in Lahore but in various other cities as well, until every household in the country has access and approach to Al-Fatah.