26 year old drowns in Werdersee – divers find him in two meters depth

26-year-old drowns in Werdersee - divers find him in two meters depth

Bremen: man drowns in Werdersee

In Bremen, a young man drowned in Werdersee on Tuesday evening. At about 5:15 pm, callers reported a swimming accident near Karl Carstens Bridge, the police said. A person had gone into the water close to the shore and had not reappeared. The alarmed rescue divers of the fire brigade could find the lifeless person after three minutes in about two meters of water depth and bring to surface. The 26-year-old could not be reanimated.

Siegburg: 32 injured on fire at ICE route

In a major fire on the Siegburg ICE route on Tuesday, 32 people were injured, as a spokesman for the control center Rhein-Sieg-Kreis said early Wednesday morning. Thus, a person was seriously injured by the flames. The other victims suffered slight smoke poisoning or suffered from circulatory problems. Long-distance traffic was resumed early Wednesday morning. When the important
railway line between Cologne and Frankfurt can be released again for the regional traffic, is still unclear, said a railway spokesman. Through the weeks of drought, the embankment fire spread rapidly and spread over several houses. Eight buildings were partly damaged massively, the railway line had to be closed.

According to the control center, 15 residents could no longer enter their homes. Thirteen of them were housed in the city’s spare quarters, two were housed by family members. The cause of the fire is still unclear. It could have been sparked by flying sparks of a passing train or by other causes, said the city of Siegburg.

Corner home: car drivers turn to the highway, not to be stuck in traffic

Because they did not want to accept being stuck in a traffic jam, several drivers on A661 at Eckenheim (Hesse) turned their vehicles in the middle of the highway on Sunday afternoon and drove back to the previous junction via the hard shoulder opposite the direction of travel. As the police say, other people also in traffic jams informed by emergency call about the incidents. As a result, posted patrol cars were able to catch several of the motorists – who were barely able to see it – in their risky maneuver in the act. These now each expect a fine of 200 euros, two points in Flensburg and a one-month driving ban, they say.

It had come to a traffic jam because a car – probably due to a technical defect – had caught fire. As a result, an embankment caught fire, the A661 had to be closed for about two hours.

Coburg: 18-year-old captured at level crossing by ICE

An 18-year-old was caught in the Bavarian city of Coburg by an ICE and mortally wounded. According to police, the young man wanted to cross on Tuesday at 7.15 clock on the two-track ICE route Erfurt-Nuremberg an unprotected railroad crossing for pedestrians. For unexplained reasons, he did not notice an approaching ICE. The 18-year-old Coburger succumbed to his serious injuries at the scene of the accident, and an emergency doctor who was immediately alerted could no longer help him.

The engine driver suffered a shock, the approximately 150 passengers of the train were unhurt. The railway line was closed in both directions until late morning.