10 Best Pakistani Cricketers of all Time

Hanif Mohammad

10 Best Pakistani Cricketers

Here is the list of 10 Best Pakistani Cricketers  and Fazal Mahmood was the first winner of the match of Pakistan no other international cricket team is as unpredictable as Pakistan. The country of the subcontinent is known to have won games from nowhere and also has a history of losing games from a winning position.

But throughout their journey in international cricket, Pakistan has remained a very entertaining team and has achieved great success. The reason for Pak’s glorious race in international cricket is the quality of cricketer that has represented the nation.

Pace bowlers are USP from Pakistan and they also have quality drummers and spinners. But who are Pakistan’s greatest cricketers of all time?

10.Fazal Mahmood

Fazal Mahmood
The first winner of the Pakistan match, Fazal Mahmood stomped with rhythm and venom to make sure that Pakistan had a great success during his early years in international cricket.

Fazal picked 12 wickets against India in 1952, in Pakistan’s only second test and took 13 wickets against Australia and 12 wickets against England to help Pakistan record her maiden wins against the respective nations .

He finished his career with 139 wickets in 34 tests and averaged 24.70 in bowling. He captured Pakistan for 10 tests.

9. Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir

Qadir (L), represented with Imran Khan

A supreme quality thrower, Abdul Qadir had all the qualities to become the best shooter in Pakistan. He had an immense variety, an impeccable control over his variations and a massive heart that allowed him to challenge the drummers.

He claimed nine wickets in an entry against England, the best bowling characters by a Pakistani and finished with this series with thirteen wickets in three tries. It has 368 international wickets and an impressive average of 26.16 in ODI cricket.

8. Inzamam-ul-Haq


Australia v Pakistan

With his enormous physique, his riders dominated by Inzamam-ul-Haq around the world for more than a decade, have emerged as one of the finest drummers against rhythm players. He could whip, shoot and flick the ball nonchalantly and was also allowed against the spinning mills.

He scored 8830 races in the tests at an average close to fifty and has stacked more than ten thousand races in ODI cricket, a feat that makes it one of the best batsmen ever produced by Pakistan.

7. Zaheer Abbas

Zaheer Abbas

Zaheer Abbas scored more than five thousand tries at an average of 44.79 with 12 cents. But more than his races, what made Abbas a true legend is how he accumulated them.

At the crease, Abbas was calmly calm but had total control over the situation and could easily dominate the spinners and pacers. Known as the Asian Bradman, he was elegant and very elegant.

6. Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis

Training in Pakistan

When Waqar Younis turned upside down, it was a sight not to be missed because he could not just tidy up and generate a swing, but he could also throw the ball where he wanted it.

At its peak, Waqar was simply elusive as the ball was usually tipped late and most often landed on the drummer’s boots or at the base of the leg strain.

Waqar has 373 test desks and 416 ODI wickets that include 35 international five-wicket launches.

5. Hanif Mohammad

Hanif Mohammad

Hanif Mohammad

Hanif Mohammad first scored a mammoth entry of 337 against West Indies in 1957/8, then scored a shot of 499, the best first class cricket score in 1958/9. Those two innings that have meant tremendous patience and kernel made him the first cricket star of Pakistan and his hounding heroism made the game popular among the masses. Thus was born the legend of Hanif.

In a career covering 55 tests, the Pakistani worker scored 3915 runs averaging 43.98 with 27 scores of fifty plus in 97 innings. In first-class cricket, he has amassed 55 centuries at an average of 52.32.

4.Younis Khan

Younis Khan

Pakistan’s Younis Khan in action on the first day

Since 2010, cricket in Pakistan has become chaotic due to security concerns and problems in the administration. Cricketers have found it extremely difficult to focus on their games because the distractions are numerous.

However, in the midst of this desperation, a cricketer continued to score races and became the first Pakistani battalion to reach the stage of ten thousand races. Younis Khan, the underrated and not celebrated Pakistani drummer has hundreds in all Test Play nations, a triplier below his belt and several other braces.

His score of 34 tries of hundreds is also impressive and he has scored more than seven thousand races in ODI cricket.

3. Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad was a dangerous combination. His staff was explosive and his mind calm. He had all the shots in the book, but he did not need all of them to disturb the pitchers, as the street’s spirit and behavior went around most of the time.

Miandad was Pakistan’s top scorer during his career and most of his races came when the team was in trouble. His last six ball to win the match against India has made him the national hero of Pakistan and his 8832 Test count runs at an average of 52.57 reflecting his stick prowess.

2. Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram
United Kingdom v Pakistan X

There was a swing, there was a rhythm and there was a precision. Wasim Akram has packed all these aspects into his ticket hunters and tormented around the world.

He specialized in two weapons, the Yorker and the reverse swing which is the most difficult bowl and also the most difficult to play.

An account of 414 wickets and 502 ODI wickets put Akram among the best cricketers and his two wickets in two balls in the 1992 World Cup final tipped the trophy in favor of Pakistan.

1. Imran Khan

Imran Khan
Probably the biggest winner produced by Pakistan and also the biggest captain in the country, Imran Khan was responsible for the victory of his World Cup title in 1992.

The charismatic and complete leader has more than 500 international wickets to his name and seven thousand more races. But more than his races or wickets, his biggest impact is his transformation to Pakistan cricket.

Her flamboyance and her larger image than life made the Pakistani team confident and elevated. He was also a crowd shooter and his heroism against England in 1977 and the West Indies gave him a legendary stature.