About Us

SocioOn is the first social and business network website. It provides a unique new concept of business through social interaction where users can have two timelines, one for the social aspect and the other for business & promotions.

SocioON business timeline provides an intuitive way through which user can view latest products or services of his/her own interest by simply following a shop. It provides an easy way for startups and well-established companies to showcase their products to millions of people who are active on the social network. A user can easily inquire about a certain product by simply contacting the owner of the shop, through many means that also include a live chat. SocioON multiples the promotion of a service or product as anyone who likes/ dislikes or shares the product will get money, which will eventually be going to increase the number of impressions a product or service receives.

SocioON social timeline differs from the rest as it does not only provide social networking capabilities but it also provides options through which users can earn money. SocioON believes that a user should not only interact but should cash his time and earn money while he/she is on the network. To monetize the user action SocioON pay money on almost every click such as like/dislike post, comments, video and share.

At SocioON every post or status you put in can earn you money. If someone thinks that the work done in the post is awesome and deserve a reward he/she can do it by clicking “Great Job” which will give a certain amount of money to the owner of the post as a token of appreciation. SocioON is a great opportunity for small to medium business to adversities as it provides very easy and cost-effective methods of advertisement. The whole process is backed by state of the art real-time reports and let you decide how your ads are doing.